Florida Health Care Ratings

Health care quality is an important issue for Americans. As the population ages, chronic disease management and geriatric care are only two areas where the need is growing.

On the other end of the spectrum, medical care for children can help ward off potential problems in later years. Quality of health care is a very complex issue and includes many variables. Smoking, obesity rates, mental health issues, prenatal care, infant mortality, immunizations, access to care, air pollution and availability of primary care practitioners are only some of the factors which determine the quality of health care in a state or nation.
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Florida Insurance Companies Rebate $113 Million

Florida residents that had to buy their health insurance on their own, without the benefit of employer-provided insurance will get something back soon.  Recent changes spawned by the federal health-care reform act mean that these individuals can expect rebates ranging from $143 to $949 sometime in August of 2012. [Read more…]