Florida Kid Care Overview

Florida’s Kid Care program is a comprehensive health insurance program that is designed to insure all children in the state who would otherwise be without health insurance. Nine out of ten Florida children now have health insurance thanks to Kid Care. The program will insure children from birth through the age of 18. The total number of children enrolled in the program as of April 2012 was 289,187. [Read more…]

Low Cost Prescriptions in Florida

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic health conditions that require continuing medical care and medication. Of those millions, many have health insurance plans that simply don’t provide sufficient coverage for their medications, while others have no insurance coverage at all. Even those who have insurance find that the copay charges can add up quickly, putting a huge strain on personal finances. For those who live in Florida, there are a variety of low-cost prescription plans and other resources available that can help make prescriptions more affordable. [Read more…]

Florida Insurance Plans for Pre-existing Conditions

Many Florida residents have found that obtaining health insurance coverage is a battle, particularly those who have pre-existing medical conditions. Insurers are less likely to issue policies to people when they know the patient will be in frequent need of medications and visits to their physician. There is a solution. Government sponsored insurance plans have been developed to assist those in need of medical coverage. [Read more…]